Pride can’t happen without you.

Norwich Pride is a registered charity. We rely solely on donations, sponsorship, volunteers and fundraising.

Throughout the year we host many events, talks and groups to support our LGBT+ community in Norwich and Norfolk.

While in the United Kingdom progress has been made through legislation, LGBT+ people still face threats to our wellbeing and safety. In 2017, the Stonewall Hate Crime survey showed that one in five LGBT+ people had experienced a hate crime based on their sexual orientation in the previous twelve months, a figure which rose to two in five amongst trans people. We live against this backdrop, where our own safety and that of the people we love is at risk simply through being who we are. Pride provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made and demonstrate that there is still work to be done.

Our event sits alongside others as part of a global movement to fight the inequalities faced by LGBT+ people across the world, many of whom still face significant prejudice and even threats to their lives. Over seventy countries still have anti-LGBT+ laws, where people live in fear and under threat of persecution; only this year in Brunei, a law was introduced to impose death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex. The visibility that comes from the network of Pride events around the world can offer hope, and a place to unite in protest against these human rights violations.

Finally, Pride is a celebration: a place to embrace our diversity, build a community, and invite our friends and family to celebrate with us. It is a chance to be seen, heard, and to show young LGBT+ people that they are not alone in the world.

We can’t do this without your support

Whether you’re attending one of our events throughout the year, or the Pride festival itself, to celebrate, demonstrate or just to party, it’s only free thanks to the generosity of our supporters, partners and via your generous donations.

You can make donations online via Local Giving and also donate £2 by texting norwichpride to 70085