Happy Pride Day everyone! There’s going to be a diverse range of weather conditions so please bring your umbrellas and your suntan lotion! Meanwhile, here’s a pic of the Parade layout so you know the new structure. Organised groups have all been given their instructions about when to line up for the Parade on St Peters St in front of City Hall. We have put the Access section behind them and in front of the Samba Band so they have the least time waiting round. If you have a disability or illness and would like to be in a safe space with your carers & friends, you are very welcome to be in the Access section, but you are also very welcome to parade with your pals elsewhere. After the Samba Band comes our very own 50 metre rainbow flag. We need 100 people to carry this so please help. It will be carried at the front by the young people featured in the film showing in the Forum at 11.30 about LGBTQ kids experience of being in care. After the 50 metre flag, there’s the people’s parade – anyone can join this, you don’t have to book. This is our first year of the new structure so please be patient. The aim is to have the safest, happiest, most exciting parade yet. Have a fabulous day xx