We have worked hard to make the 10th Norwich Pride as accessible as possible. We did an Access Survey and tried to incorporate as may ideas as possible. You can find out all the details on the Access Page and we’ve included a short summary here….

This year the first section of the parade will be the organised groups and we have asked all the groups to do an access audit to make sure that their disabled members are fully involved. Then we are having the access section for anyone with access needs who wants to march with others in a safe space. You do not have to go here, you are welcome to be anywhere in the parade, but this is an option if you want to be with others who also have access needs. We are asking you to meet at the corner of St Peter’s St and Millennium Plain at 12.45pm to get into place for this. You know you will be in the right place if you are in front of the Samba Band! After the Samba Band comes the 50 meter rainbow flag and then the People’s Parade. The People’s Parade is for anyone, particularly people who are not with an organisation.

If you can’t do the whole parade there are shortcuts that stewards will identify for you.

If you just want to watch the parade, the Theatre Royal are happy for you to watch it from their balcony – but arrive early as they have a packed out show for Grease.

There are Quiet Spaces in the Library in the Forum and the Norwich Wellbeing Centre where you can rest.

There are Wellbeing Tents run by Norwich Mind and the Norwich Dandies in Chapelfield Gardens.

There is an Access Viewing Space in front of the stage.

You can charge your mobility scooters at Shop Mobility at Chapelfield Shopping Centre. Our lovely friends at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre are also happy for you to charge your scooters there. You will need to enter via the accessible entrance at the back of their beautiful garden. It is in the carpark for Theatre Royal Stage Two. We will put signs up?

Have as much fun as you can. Stay Proud lovely people xxx