Raising Money for Pride


Norwich Pride is a self-organised Community Group. Our events are free, or cost as little as possible – we want Pride to be accessible for all. But we do need support. Please consider donating via Localgiving!

Help with fundraising

We believe that Norwich Pride should be a free event available for everyone to attend, regardless of income. This means:

  • You don’t have to pay to come to come to the entertainments in Chapelfield Gardens or on Millennium Plain;
  • you don’t have to pay to be part of the Parade (though we do ask organised groups to contribute)
  • and you don’t have to pay to see the art exhibitions or go to the talks and discussion events inside The Forum.

… but, just because it’s free to attend, that doesn’t mean it costs nothing to put on this amazing event….

  • Lots of people give their time, skills, and effort for free, to help make Norwich Pride happen
  • But, we do also need some money!
  • Please note that Norwich Pride is a not-for-profit organisation, and has no paid workers.

How much money do we need to make Norwich Pride happen?
We need a minimum of £17,000. This will cover running the main things that form the Norwich Pride event: the activities and entertainments in Chapelfield Gardens, inside The Forum, outside The Forum on Millennium Plain, and of course the Parade.

What’s the money going to be spent on?
On things like printing and publicity, insurance, hiring venues, hiring security, admin costs, fees for some performers, decorations, hiring radios for stewards, fees for British Sign Language interpreters, etc.

Where is Norwich Pride going to get the money?

  • Donations from organisations, businesses, and individuals
  • Charitable grants
  • Money that we make from the Norwich Pride shop (a stall selling Norwich Pride and rainbow themed goods)
  • Various other fundraising activities.

What could you do to help raise the money?

  • Make a personal donation
  • Talk to an organisation or business that you have links with, and ask them to consider making a donation.
  • Talk about Norwich Pride with other people you know, and ask them to consider making a donation.
  • Hold a fundraising event: e.g. a sponsored event; a sale (car boot, cakes, books, plants, etc); organise a quiz night; put on a benefit gig.
  • If you decide to hold a public event, let us know, and we can help to publicise it!
  • Whatever you do, please raise money responsibly, safely and legally.

… as well as raising money, you’ll also be raising awareness about Norwich Pride and about LGBT+ issues.

How do you get the money to Norwich Pride?

  • Online via Localgiving.com
  • Send a cheque, payable to Norwich Pride (send it c/o 10 Cathedral Street, Norwich NR1 1LX), or
  • You can make a cash donation when you’re at any Norwich Pride event. (we have collection tins.)

Donate Now!

Section 2: Donors and sponsors

Several organisations and businesses pledged donations or sponsorship for Norwich Pride. We thank them for their proud support! A list of our sponsors can be found on our homepage.

How do organisations help Norwich Pride?
Some will give donations of money, and some will give gifts-in-kind (this means things like giving goods or services, rather than money)