Join the Parade

We’re proud that the Norwich Pride Parade has always been a People’s Parade that anyone can join in. Over the last couple of years it has got so huge that we’ve become concerned about people’s safety, particularly in the excitement as the parade forms. We know that Pride 10 is going to be massive so we are introducing sections and encouraging groups to book their places on the parade in advance so that we can be more organised and maintain safe crowd control.

We are asking businesses to pay to be on the parade as we know it generates good publicity for them and will enable us to keep Pride free. There is a small fee for community groups but this can be completely reduced if you provide volunteer stewards and bucket collectors. In this way we hope to have more people than ever volunteering at Pride and we can ensure the day is as safe and accessible as possible.

The groups section of the parade will be followed by the People’s Parade which anyone who supports our Pride values can join on the day. If you would like to book a place for your group or business on the parade, please fill in the form below and email it to us at We need your completed forms by 22nd June 2018. Please let us know if you need the information in large print.

Parade Booking Form