About Norwich Pride

Norwich Pride is a celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) community and for everyone. Our vision is to turn Norwich into a rainbow. Our mission is to ensure that we live in a city where everyone can feel safe and proud to be themselves. We work positively and creatively to overcome intolerance and prejudice of any kind.

The People of Norwich Pride

It takes many many volunteers to make Norwich Pride happen! The event is built on the help of our stewards and shop keepers, the people on the Pride Council, team leaders and volunteers, the performers and many others who help in small or big ways for Pride!

Press queries: Please contact Gareth at info@norwichpride.org.uk

Special thanks go to:

  • Edith Karnitsch – for the construction and hosting of this website

In Memoriam

In 2014, we were devastated to announce the death of our gorgeous chairperson Dean M Simons. Dean was a much loved member of the local LGBT community and a passionate supporter of Norwich Pride. He pioneered our work in ensuring that the celebrations were as accessible as possible and was a very proud chairperson of Norwich Pride 2014. He was a fun-loving person who adored having a good time. He had a wonderful smile. Dean, you were amazing – we will never forget you.

Norwich Pride Governance

The Norwich Pride Organisers are a group of enthusiastic, creative volunteers from the LGBT+ community. Our members include people who identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans as well as friends, family and supporters. The Norwich Pride Organisers are  people who have shown they work hard, have great values and a passion for Pride. The Pride Council has overall responsibility for delivering a safe a successful Norwich Pride event as the policy and decision-making body for Norwich Pride.

The Pride Council meets to agree direction and allow people to discuss group business before issuing the results to the public. 

Three layers of involvement are available: 

1.     Pride Volunteer –  for people that want to ‘help out’ but don’t want to attend meetings. Volunteers work with their Team Leaders who represent them at Steering Group meetings. They qualify for a vote after a year of volunteering.

2.     Team Leader – for people that want to take responsibility for a department or project and depending upon the size of the task or project they could appoint a deputy to assist them in managing the task. Team Leaders act as a link between the Volunteers and the Pride Council.

3.     Pride Council – limited to a maximum of seven people, for committed members that have served at least a year as a Pride Volunteer or Team Leader. Each member of the Pride Council is responsible for a number of the Team Leaders who they mentor and liaise with on a regular basis.

4.   Anyone that has publically damaged Pride is unable to join the Pride Council for a minimum of three years although, subject to the acceptance from one of the Pride Council to ‘mentor’ them, they could return as a Pride Volunteer or Team Leader under supervision.

We have a set of Norwich Pride Core Values to guide us in all our decisions.

You can download our Constitution, Equal opportunities and Safeguarding children documents here: