Following events at London Pride on Saturday 7th July, we have been contacted by a number of our community raising concerns about safety and LGBT+ inclusivity at our event. We want you to know:

Norwich Pride stands in solidarity with our trans community. We will not allow people to spread hate speech or bigotry and attack any members of the trans community at our Pride event on 28th July 2018. We hope you will work with us to ensure our parade is an LGBT+inclusive space that is safe for all. We are managing the front of our parade and the whole event to a greater extent this year and ask everyone to respect our plans. Please note that any unsanctioned group disrupting our event will be challenged. The recent Government survey highlights the discrimination LGBT+ people still experience every single day of our lives. Norwich Pride is only for one day, but our mission is to ensure that we live in a city & county where everyone can feel safe and proud to be themselves all year round. We want everyone to join us on 28th July 2018 to show pride and celebrate our LGBT+ community.