Norwich Pride shares the concerns raised by other LGBT+ organisations around any formal arrangement between our Government and the socially conservative Democratic Union Party (DUP). We feel that the LGBT+ community and other minority groups may be under threat if this party has more importance than it’s ten MPs would imply.

Norwich Pride took no sides in the recent General Election but did encourage our supporters to vote and take part in the democratic process. We published without comment responses to a list of questions we sent to all parties standing locally. Some of these recieved over 3,000 views on social media in the lead up to the election. We understand that our supporters come from a range of social and politcal backgrounds.However, we stand firmly against the growing influence of a party that doesn’t support women’s rights, or the LGBT+ community. It was concering to hear a Minister on Radio 4 imply over the weekend that there could be a vote on reducing time limits on abortion in exchange for DUP support.

We applaud Ruth Davidson, the Leader of the Scottish Conservatives for seeking immediate discusions with Theresa May on the matter and expressing her concern. We would appreciate reassurances from Chloe Smith , the recently re-elected MP for Norwich North (who has always unreservedly supported Norwich Pride in the past) , that she will do the same and further commit to standing up for the rights of LGBT+ people and minority groups locally and nationally.

We are especially concerned that:

The DUP want to make it legal to discriminate against anyone from the LGBT community.

The DUP want children to be taught creationism as scientific fact.

Leading members of the DUP have said that they find LGBT people “repulsive”

The Party once championed a campaign called “Save Ulster from Sodomy”.

Opposition to same-sex marriage is a core belief of the party and there there are numerous examples of their leader Arlene Foster speaking on the issue.

The DUP want no woman to have access to any type of abortion.

The DUP want to bring back the death penalty.

These are not values compatible with living in a peaceful and inclusive society.